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Monday, April 26, 2010

Out with the old---> in with the NEW

So, I discovered the most AMAZING foundation today. My friend Olivia has been using it.. so I went & bought it. It's only about $14... and it works amazingly! I love it!! It doesn't clog my pored either because it is minerals! love it!

I also discovered new mascara. I don't use it for the volume. I just put on one coat because THAT'S enough to make them black enough. On the weekends if I am going out I put on two on the top for extra blackness. I love them with all my heart :')


TWO MONTHS!!! :) ----------------------->

So, as you can tell... I've gotten a new layoutt!! :D
I am trying to make everything look more "organized" or whatever.
haha, anyways.... :)
I just came back from vacation today. Not on like official vacation.. just school vacation.
It was our last vacation until the end of school :-/
There are a little under 2 months left of school!! :)
I NEED a job over the summer.
For my birthday I am only getting one preasent because it's about $600... so yeah..
It's a canon camera so I can take AMAZING pictures
I am going to try & make $300 by the time the summer ends.
I NEED to start applying for jobs like... NOW.
But, my mom is always so lazy and never brings me to apply..
I guess I am going to have to keep on asking her.
She has been annoying the crap out of lately.
Ugh, oh well..
I am starting this new new thing to eat 300 calories a day.
100 in the morning...
100 when I get home from school..
and then 100 in the evening.
on wednesdays I can add 50 more calories.
wish me luck :)