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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yeah I am much closer to my goal because I weighed myself this morning and I now weigh 109(:
That means in the next 3 days I need to loose 3 more pounds to get down to my goal weight loss for the week. Sooo much closer. But Now that I think about it, I havent been running this week, oh well i'll make up for it when I sleepover my cousin house. Oh and she IMed whEN I had an away message up asking what I like to eat. But she is not on right now so idk what to say. Because I planned on saying i ate before I came so i guess i'll just say that. "I planned on eating before I came because i usually like to eat dinner early, but if I get hungry ill just have whatever you guys are having". Perfect!

Sigh, I cannot wait till I am at 98 pounds.

Just A List

So when I am at my other moms this weekend here are things I need to get:

-those really cute jean shorts at forever21
-that amazing shirt at hollister.
-take home that splenda no calorie sweetener
-arizona diet green tea
-Diet Coke zero(the big bottle)
-sugar free gum and life savers mints
-red apples

thats about it I can think of.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This weekend

Ohk yeah IK its only wednesday night but I allready know what I am doing over the weekend.

Friday I am sleeping over my cousins house through saturday afternoon:
what I can do their, run around and laugh and sweat a lot! Lol.

Saturday night: Go for a walk with hydie

Sunday: Go to the mall and walk around the mall and return a pair of shorts.

Then Monday morning: Weigh self and be happy(:

Continue fasting.

Also, I should bring my bike to massachusetts this weekend. Good idea.

weak with energy

I am feeling kind of week but you know. I can deal with this feeling for another 2 weeks. Its all worth it. But the funny thing is, I can still work out and everything and not get tired. Maybe I am just feeling weak because I only got like 6 hours of sleep last night compared to the night before I got 11 hours on a school night. Amazing right? LOL.

Well yeah so IDK how much I weigh but not tomorrow morning, but friday moring I will check. I am estimating I will weigh 108 probably(:

And then Their would still nechnically be 3 more days left to loose 3 pounds to get to 105. And then that would be 6 pounds this week. So then next week if I lost 5 then I would be 100 and then that would mean only 5 more pounds left to go. I have decided to have my goal down to 95 pounds so Like once i am over completley fasting, I am going to eat, just only when I am absolutley craving something, and in porortion so I made my goal to 95 so I have like 3 pounds of wiggle room. And once I get back to above 100 i am fasting again.

Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It has been so sunny. I have worn shorts to school for the past 2 days. Today I wore these shorts and they were just above finger length and I got a lot of compliments on them(:
But I was walking past my english teacher on the way to first locker break and she was talking to a teacher but looking at me and saying " I think we are going to have an issue with shorts this year ". But I didn't get in trouble at all. Lol. Not even talked to. I got some stares but thats it.

But tomorrow its supposed to be like 60something. So idk whether to wear shorts or not. I probably will just end up wearing jeans again. And shorts sleeves. But I usually never wear short sleeves and jeans. IDK why...it just bothers me.

Oh and i'm sleeping over my cousins next friday. yay(:

Stuck to it

Yeah so yesterday was monday and I stuck to my diet. And today I did but I had like 8 crackers and salad. So I threw up the crackers and most of the salad because It wasnt that much so technically I didn't cheat at all. But I am not going to weigh myself until friday morning to see what I weigh. Can't wait. But I will also weigh myself sunday night for the final of how much weight I lost this week. And I am following the workout plans so far. And I should stay for dept night more because I also get a mini workout from walking home.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Posting the workouts

Yeah I am posting the workouts that I wrote down in this book I have. Yeah I know its not that much but compared to the food I am eating is.

Workouts for Monday:
run couting up to 400
lift 3lb weights 50 times
10 squats
5 pushups
100 crunches

Workouts Tuesday-Friday:
run couting up to 1000
10 squats
50 crunches
lift 3lb weighs 5 times
2 pushups

Workouts Saturday-Sunday:
run couting up to 500
50 crunches
lift 3lb weights 10 times
2 pushups
5 squats

Diet for Monday:
1 starburst
1 water bottle(ice cold)
half an apple or banana

Diet for Tuesday-Friday:
1 water bottle(ice cold)
10 oyster crackers
1 strawberry
a thin piece of cheese
(Friday I can have an additional 10 oyster cracker)

Diet for Saturday-Sunday:
2 water bottles minimum
An very small apple
A handfull of cereal

Sunscreen and weight loss

Ohk so this magazine thing is when I get an ammount of magaznines that equal how much weight I want to loose, so it was 13 but I lost 2 pounds so now I have to take away 2. And I would have to loose 11 more pounds until I get to 100 and then i'll put 3 more magazines back up when I get to 100 pounds to loose 3 more pounds. So If I loose another pound or two today, then Ill only have to loose 10 pounds so instead of waiting 3 weeks, I will only have to wait 2(:

I just need to remember to start following the meal plan starting tomorrow. And the most I am having a day is on weekends and thats an apple, and an hand full of peanuts. Can't wait. I dont know why but in the summer I am so much more motivated(:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love this

Love is...like a rose, given for no apparent reason. Like hot chocolate when you drink it too fast, and it catches you by surprise, but keeps you warm for a long time. Like salt water, the more you drink, the thirstier you are. Like the air you breathe, its not seen but allways felt and allways needed.
Love, cannot be described in words, and can only be understood by the people who behold it. It needs patience, understanding, and forgivness. You can't ask for love, only give and accept it...and cherish the moments that love has given you for the rest of your life(:

Finally summer...?

well not officially yet. Its still technically spring, but it was 80 degrees today(: and it will be 75 tomorrow and 80 something monday. I am so wearing shorts to school monday and a cute shirt. I just dont know what shirt to wear or what shorts to wear yet. And on tuesday I am getting my hair cut. Or wednesday I dont know which one. It depends if my mom isnt being retarted that day and remembers to make me an appoitment. I am going to be really pissed if I have to wait until wednesday.

Well anyway I went outide today for like 4 hours literally and I got a tan. My arms a little red, but I figure that they will turn into a tan by monday. Tomorrow I am putting spf 30 on my arms and nothing on my legs and only going outside for like an hour or 2. I just really want my face and legs to get tanner. My legs did get pretty tan, but I want them darker.

Lined paper plan

I have this mini notebook and for the week I wrote down what I can eat a day and what I will eat. It is probably only about 100 something or less calories. And I have workouts that I really have to do. And I will do it. I said that I will probably loose 5 pounds a week doing that but i'll probably end up loosing more. So that means less than a month until im 98. I am so not going to cheat this time. And thats a promise to myself. I weigh 111 right now. So starting money, by the next monday I should weigh about 106. And then a week from that, 101, and a week from that, 96. And thats when I can start eating semi normally again. Like I still wont be eating lunch, so that should control it, and I will still workout during the week a whole lot. But I am never letting myself get over 100 pounds until 10th grade. So for this year and next when i'm 96, it leaves 4 pounds of wiggle room, but as soon as I get to 100 or over 100, I am going on another fast to loose the 2 pounds or whatever. I have everything planned out. Its all good(:

Summer Sneakers

Yeah so a couple of weeks ago my mom was like oh do you ant sneakers for the summer? And I was like uhm no because I am mostly going to be wearing flip flops. So I was browsing websights today and theirs this website from like china and their coach sneakers were only $35 so My mom got them for me(: Ik what size I am in them because I just looked at the other coach ones I have. I love that websight. They have coach purses for $36! I can't wait until christmas(:

Friday, April 24, 2009


So today after school my friend paige and me went to the mall to see these guys that she has been talking to and their in 9th grade. And their names are jesse and Keven or kvan for short. Paige and jesse were supposed to be going out but yeah they arent yet. But oh my friken gawd! Keven is soo hot! And its weird because me and him like the same things...well we like the saem clothing stores. LOL. Yeah so we talked for like an hour or so and then me and paige walked around the mall and went back to them and talked for another little bit, then me and paige officially went shopping and I just got this A&F shirt. I spent all my money...like litrally I have zip money left. So yeah...

Havent been on in like forever...

Yeah I havent been on the computer for like a week because I got grounded...for spilling water near the computer. Well I reached 110...But..im mad at myself...I ate like 2 bowls of cereal and I am now 113 now. So hopefully I can loose the 3 pounds this weekend by drinking a whole lot of water. And I mean a lot. And drinking a whole lot of water and whenever my moms out...working out intensly. And this is not simple this time. No I have had it with loosing it and then gaining it because I am weak and eat. So I really need to have a whole lot of willpower. So I lost like 2 poun ds this week and my goal was 7. Next week I will aim to loose 5 per week instead of 7, because 5 per week is more realistic. Yeah, I can so do this! Fasting Fasting Faasting!!! I need to be strong and I have a whole bunch of tricks to do whenenver i feel like I'm going to crack. This isnt 200 calories a day or even 300 or 100, no...this is 0 calories a day! I am going to get to 98 before the school year ends! Before may ends I will be 98 pounds! Wether it takes 3 weeks or 4, I have to remember what I will look like after. I CAN DO THIS!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just This Week

I am making how many calories I will eat a day for the next week. Hopefully at the end of this week I will be at my goal for the week or loosing 7 pounds. And then the next week will begin.

monday: 150 calories

tuesday: 100 calories

wednesday: 100 calories

thursday: complete fast

friday: 150 calories

saturday: 100 calories

sunday: 150 calories

That will make a total of 700 calories all week. I will deffinatly loose the 7 pounds because you are supposed to eat 2000 calories a day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Uhm idk

Well It worked. Ish..not really.

This is what Ive eaten all weekend (inculding friday) :

A handfull of pretzels
lots of diet coke with 0 of anything in it
a cup of cereal
A handfull of bakes lays chips

But also ive thrown up like now that I think of it...kind of a lot. Like 4 times.

Yesterday, saturday...I went on a walk with hydie and we did 50 laps around the whole street of where we live. I am happy I did that to. Because I burned off the chips I ate and more.

Today I am going shopping so I will burn more calories also walking at the mall. Also, Their isnt a scale here, so I have no idea how much I weigh. Probably 111. I can loose a pound in one day and over night, so thats perfect. Tomorrow for school I will weigh 110. Still my goal weight is 98. So only 2 weeks until I achieve my goal(: yay.

So that means I will jave to loose 7 pounds in 7 days per week . I think that is tottally possible. If I allow myself 100 calories a day. And If I run and walk for an hour a day. Also, doing 100 crunches. And anything else I feel like.

This weekend, this mom bought me diet coke. And I will keep that in my room. That will so totally keep me full(:

Friday, April 17, 2009

What shall I say?

This weekend I am going to my other moms house. And to keep her off my back today I will say that I had a giant peice of chocolate cake and chiken. Also, I will be all exagerative like omg I cant never eat again! LOL. Yeah well, it will work for tonight...and tomorrow morning, i'll eat before she gets up. And I will only have like a handfull of cereal...but put lots of milk in it to make it look like theirs alot in their. That covers it up for nate to see. Ohk and i'll be at the house all day so that covers up eating lunch. And for dinner...well i'll have to think of something. Maybe i'll just have cereal again to keep people happy. Like i'll have a full small bowl and then puke it up maybe? I'll have to try to be wuite, like put the fans on...and i'll have to make sure evryone is either outside or in the kitchen...farthest away from the bathroom as possible. And when we go to the house i'll ask hydie to come to she can have spasms of energy sometimes, so she'll keep me alert. And i'll take walks at night with her. Oooh ! I have an idea! But i'll have to make sure hydie doesnt tell. Around dinner time...I'll take a walk with her to the store and i'll say we are going to get something and take a walk. And i'll tell hydie that I have a stomache ache but i'm not hungry so if she could just say that I ate if my mom asks because I really dont feel like eating. AHA! Again i'm genious(:

Ooh and shooping sunday will take care of that cereal also, walking around and everything. And when I get back home i'll tell this mom that I ate(:

Thats odd

I was googling just on an average day how many calories I burn without any excess activity and went with the lowest results. I allready burn on average 1600 calories a day without even trying during school days.

I was thinking...

So what I will do to get my mom off my back is I will take 1 piece of brad and cut that in half and throw a halfaway and put 1 table spoon ofpeanut butter on the half and eat that. Then when I come home from school for dinner I will do the same thing and drink a whole crap load of water and liquids. So I will be only having 1 piece of bread a day technically. So 100 cals a day w/ peanut butter will be about 200 calories a day. So glad I figured that out. And the days my mom isnt here I will use any chance I get to run when she isnt here. So yeah. I am deffinatly going to loose 14 pounds in 2 weeks. That means I will loose 7 pounds per week. Ha. So possible.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ohk so I just threw up. Yeah I know it sounds like im mia or something but i'm not. I am just doin this to loose weight. I n the past week I have thrown up about 3 times. I probably will once more this week. My goal is still 98 pounds. I just want to be their allready gawd! I mean i still have 13 more pounds to go. And I know I can loose that in probably 2 weeks if I try really hard. Lets say by the end of the week now, sunday night, which will be in 3 days, I am 110 pounds. Right now I am 111.5. So starting next week that would mean I would have to loose 13 pounds in 14 days. So that is so possible. And if anything that means 2 extra days and thats it. And since It's going to be school weeks...that means the days will like just fly by. Can't wait till 14 days is up(:

Oh and before I forget thats means ill have to loose 0.9 pounds a day at least. Thats possible. And if I loose a pound a day that means Ill end up loosing 14 pounds instead of 13. Either way that works.


I just weighed myself and I weigh 111.5

So let me add up the calories I have eaten today. An estamate

1 piece of grain toast 90

peanut butter 100

piece of chicken 40

2 spoonfull of cake 130

all together thats 360 calories eaten today.

So that means I can run for 30 minutes and burn 400 calories(:

so that would mean I would burn -40 calories.


well their isnt much to write about today. My grandma is coming over in a bit to bring me by some chicken. I asked her to. But she is dropping it off. She brought me chocolate cake yesterday. Well of course I dont plan on eating it, Ill do what I did yesterday, chew and spit, or just smell it and throw it away. I just asked her to bring some to cover up the fact that I am not eating.

She just came. She also brought a peice of cake. I put that in the fridge for later. She brought a lot of chicken and I had a couple of pieces. But they were like the size of my thumb. I would go throw that up but I dont feel like it. I'll just like run 2 hours instead of 1. I wounder How many calories are in a piece of chicken . I'll go check.

I checked and it said that in the amount I ate, It was about 38 calories.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little gingerale never hurt

well i could use all the laxatives I can get today and so this orange crap that tastes gross but probably works the best, i gave up and stuck it in the fridge, i drank it again and gross again, so i added ginerale and now i can only taste the gingerale. I am pure genous(:


Ohk I just chewed a piece of cake and spit it out into a cup before i swalllowed it. So my craving is filled but my stomache is not(: I love that.

So anyway. Their is this site. http://www.dietandfitnesstoday.com/caloriesBurnedInfo.php?id=143 and it tells you how many calories you burn. I am going to make a list of everything I will do today and how many calories I wil burn total and at the end of the day.

sleeping for 8 hours= 846.72 burned for someone wighing 112pounds

Standing straightening my hair and brushing and blowdrying my hair= 117.6 for 30 minutes

walking around the hosue for 10 minutes= 19.6 calories

practicing ballet and tap for 30 minutes to catch up for next year= 282 calories burned

running for 30 minutes= 470.4 calories

probably will do more than that but on average for today= 1,736.32 calories burned today

Tomorrow I will list everything I do and for how long and I will write that down.

I can say that the goal of loosing 6 pounds in 3 days may be possible. Well it is possible. Because I am supposed to only eat 200 calories and burn 600-800 but I will be drinking nothing but water and diet soda so more like 100 calories a day. I cant wait till the end of these 3 days to see if ive lost the 6 pounds(:


wEll my mom isnt here all day today. Thank Gawd! So I took some of my moms laxatives and put them in water bottles and i am storing them in my room and I allready drank a watterbottle. I gave up on the one that had citrusel or whatever in it because it was too gross! So I drank one with 6g of fiber in it that has benefiber. And some other ones have miralax in them. It takes a while to work I guess. But whatever Its all worth it. But today so far ive had a very small bowl of specialK cereal. I am going to go for a 2 hour run and not eat any more. not that i could, im so full from water!


I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 112. So happy . so that means i have to loose 14 more pounds. That should probably take a month or a bit more. Oh well. Its worth it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

gross but effective

Ohk so I dont know how but I practically just shitted out all that crap. lol. Probably from so much food overload. Well i weighed myself and I am 113. So thats means I have 5 days to loose 5 pounds. So if I loose that much that mean sunday night I will weigh 108(: and maybe I'll be able to loose a pound over night so on monday i'll weigh 107 and that will be perfect for starting school(:

But I am still going to do 200 crunches a day or more and run for 30 minutes instead of an hour. Or more. Idk. Depends on how i feel.

either way I will still be burning calories painting at the house all day saturday...and if I sleep over briannas firday, then i will be burning so much running around at her house. They have 10 acres(:


I am so disgusted with myself right now. I was craving so many things but I couldnt chew and spit because my mom was awake. So I had like a food overload. I had 3 mini chocolate bunnies from dove which all together is 300 calories and 21grams of fat. I had 5 marshmellow peeps. And 2 bowls of cereal. Gross! I am pretty much sure that I am back up to 116. But I am starting not eating ASAP and I am not weighing myself until Friday morning. So thats like 3 days to get back to 113. So 3 pounds in 3 days. I So can do it. I will probably end up going to 112 though. And I have 5 days to get to 109. I am going to have to do an itnense workouts everyday that make me sweat. Like 500 crunches, running for at least an hour. I will do these at night when I have the most energy. Then finally when school starts I will go back to jut not eating and chewing and spitting like usual. Because Its weird. During school weeks I can loose up to 5 pounds per week.

Monday, April 13, 2009



I am joining this to kind of make my goal complete. I am giving myself Until may 13th to get to 95 pounds. Because once I start eating I ll llike gain bac k to 98 pounds. So that means My goal is to loose 20 pounds. Which is 0.6 pounds a day if i give myself 30 days. I am pretty sure I can do this(: Can't wait until this is over with. I cant wait to see what I look like afterwards! This is what should keep me motivated...the less I eat...the faster I can see results. I am 99.5% sure I will make my goal in the time needed.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ohk seriously

Ohk so seriously I was just in this chat room and I will reach my goal of 98 pounds in 1 month. If I want to do this right, I can loose .5 pounds a day, that will mean i ill loose 15 pounds in 30 days. But i preffer to push myself this week and next week and beyond loose only .5 pounds per day.
So this week I am going to loose 8 pounds. I will eat no breakfast, 2 crackers for lunch, and 3 crackers for dinner. Also I will drink at least 2 bottles of water a day. And 100 crunches a day and get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. At the end of the day on sunday I will weigh myself to see my weight.

Also I have plenty of gum, so If i'm craving something I will of course chew gum(:

Oh Gawd

Oh Gawd...I gave in. People were looking at me funny because I wasnt eating so I like gorged on chocolate. And me and my friend did run around like maniacs but still. Grrr. I am so not weighing myself until friday morning. And Idk how much I weigh now but I better be 109 by next friday morning. Ugh. Because my goal before vacation ended was to get to 105 and if I still had that goal I would have to loose 9 pounds in 7 days. Idk thats possible without fainting at least once. I would have to loose 1.2 pounds a day. Grr. Well to start I will make it to 109 by next friday morning. Thats 5 pounds in 5 days. One pound a day. And i'll do that thing that you eat only 200 calories a day and burn 600-800 calories and you loose 6 pounds in 3 days. I am so trying that. Not that I didnt not eat before. Just instead of eating like 3 stick pretzels which is 130 calories...I'll like have 5 crackers throught the day. I'll have no crackers for breakfast, i'll have 2 crackers for lunch, and 3 for dinner. For breakfast and throughout the day i'll have to rely on water like ive been doing. That also helps loose weight like drastically. And my goal is still 98 pounds. Gawd like I said before FRIKEN CHOCOLATE!


Its easter today and I am 111.5 pounds. I wounder if I can drop the .5 by the time I leave in 3 and a half hours. Probably. At the end of the day today I will probably be at 110.5 or 110 because where I'm going is really big outside and usually when i'm their me and my almost cousin and my almost step sister run around like maniacs. And it has to be at least 10 or 15 acres or more of land. Its at least 4 or 5 times larger than a football field. I'll have to remember to wear sneakers.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My new favorite quote

"Everyone goes through that fase of 'I'm too scared to fall, to scared to climb, so I'll just stay right here..."

I made calculations

I made some early calculations for next year and on an estamate, I will need $700 to start off with until christmas vacation, then I can go shopping again.

So say I got $100 for my birthday
And over the summer I had a yardsale and made $60
that would be $160
And If i get $150 to go back to school shopping
So so far thats $310
So that would mean I would have to make $390 baby sitting.
Do you think I can do it? I think its possible because my friend makes like $230 a month baby sitting and I have 3 months of summer. Oh gawd this summer I am going to have to work my ass off.

Maybe I can go to like those acne centers that pay you to test their acne products to get some money or something like that, But i dont know if like 3 or 4 mini pimples count as acne. iDK i'll have to work my ass off like I said. And I guess I wont be able to get extensions for my birthday either because they are minimum $200.

Ideas for next year

Yuhup I am allready making outfit ideas and I of course will add throughout the rest of the year and the summer(of course I will only where these outfits once I am at 98 pounds)
and To buy all these clothes I can pretty much garentee $200 but thats not even enough to buy half so Over the summer I am not going to camp and I am going to baby sit all summer. By the end of the summer I probably should have enough to buy it. Also i'll save my birthday money and not spend it until I go back-to-school shopping.

idea 1:
-dark wash skinny jeans
-ultra long white spagetti straps or tank top
-navy,white,and grey plaid carf
-Black flip flops

idea 2:
-medium wash jeans with rips
-black buckle belt
-dark green tank top
-navy zipy sweatshirt or quarter length sleeve top

idea 3:
-Medium wash jean shorts with rips
-grey tank top
-brown knit short sleeve shirt

idea 4:
-light wash jean shorts with rips
-green tank top
-white short sleeve shirt
-yellow zippy thin sweatshirt

idea 5:
-white twill shorts
-grey tank top
-navy and white plaid scarf

idea 6:
-navy twill shorts
-white knit short sleeve shirt
-white lace spagetti straps
-brown flip flops

idea 7:
-black spagetti straps
-dark wash skinny jeans
-black ballet flats

idea 8:
-white quarter length or short sleeves
-brown tank top
-medium wash jean shorts
-white flip flops

idea 9:
-Medium wash jean shorts
-grey and white striped tank top
-light pink t-shirt

idea 10:
-orange and white striped shirt
-white tank top
-medium wash jeans
-red ballet flats

idea 11:
-medium blue and white long sleeve shirt w/sleeves rolled up to elbows
-medium wash jean shorts and frayed at the ends
-tiffany necklace

idea 12:
-plain white short sleeve shirt
-medium wash jeans w/rips
-silver studded belt

idea 13:
^love that outfit. my hair is that cut.

I only have 13 ideas so far but ill add more eventually.


Its saturday today. Which means easter is tomorrow. I weighed myself this morning and I weigh exactly 112. Now today I am going to either maintain that weight or loose th 2 pounds. I am aiming totry to loose the 2 pounds but idk what to do. I guess I'll just drink 2 water bottles and do like 500 crunches. Idk. Run? I guess it will be like a normal day except instead of eatinng one thing I'll eat nothing. Too bad the diet cokes gone. Than I could drink that because it has zero calories. Hence the cokezero. lol. Well I like wont be on the cumputer at all today, I am probably going to be watching T.V. all day because that makes times go by quicker.

Friday, April 10, 2009


For easter I just found out I am going to my other moms grandparrents house for easter. How am I supposed to get out of eating then? Just say I dont feel good? Well theyll suspect something when I am laughing and having fun, How about stomache pains. Ugh idk. I'll think of something. Well also I have to figure out how to loose 2.5 pounds in 2 days. At least when I am their, I will be burning calories by laughing and running. But I also may not go, It depends on how my hair looks. Gawd I so hope They dont like force feed me or something. I also hope that his girlfriend isnt their because I dont think she likes me very much. Well I dought she will because It's easter. Anyway I really have to rev up just to look good for this one special ocasion, then I can go back to not wearing make-up and sweating away the pounds, grr I look so pail though, and I'm cold. I really need to go tanning. But how? If I dont have the money and I would only have 3 days to get tan? I wounder If you can get tan in 3 days? Dought it but its worth a shot. Ugh that means I'll have to work on my outfit. Greaaat. Ill have to drink a whole lot of water tomorrow. Wish me luck(:

Counting on it

These are things that I can do during the week to get me to loose weight besides just not eating.

chew and spit.
running like crazy when ever my moms gone.
playing outside with hydie
working on the house all day
bundling up all day and sweating for one full day
Drinking and eating nothing but water all week
Doing at least 50 crunches a day(prefferably 100)
Dancing to music at least 10 minutes a day
Weighing myself everyday at the end of each day
Not wearing make-up to give my face a fresh break
Watching TV instead of going on the computer
Puking twice this week
Painting my nails
Shaving my legs and my under arms at the end of the week
Putting up flyers for baby sitting service(walking around)

Once I start baby sitting than I will be burning a whole lot of calories chasing the kids around.
Just think...No kid wants a fat baby sitter...and people will be more likely to hire you if you are thin and pretty and a good role model.

The Plan

My goal in the next 9 days: loose 1.4 pounds a day.

my plan is to aim high so if I dont loose 1.4 a day then at least i'll loose 1 pound. No matter what though, I am going to get to at leats to 109. If that means making myself puke 3 times in a row than i'll do it. I just dead to loose the double digits at the end and get to the one oh something before school starts again. by the time school starts I hope to get to 105. hopefully. Dought it though. So this means I have to be serious and not eat anything. chew and spit. remember that! This is all about loosing weight drastically and shocking everyone when I go back to camp. But i dont think going back to camp would be the best idea.

My thoughts of burning calories.

I was thinking a lot today(as you can tell) and I have decided to make a list of things I can do to burn calories. I have no idea how much calories these burn but i know its something. Maybe I'll google it to see how much it actually burns. the( ) is what i googled.

-cleaning my room
-listening to the radio and dancing when a good song comes on
-making my bed
-fidgeting my feet while watching tv
-walking in the mall(69 per hour)
-standing up while taking a shower.
-sleeping(588 calories in 8 hr)
-getting dressed and undressed(82 calories in 30 min)
-taking a shower standing up( 159 calories per hour)

Burning calories

Sitting up straight burns more calories.

It takes 12 hours for the body to start feeding off its own fat.

Chew and spit.

Chewing gum for an hour burns 11 calories.

Sleep at least 6 hours a day.

Eat 200 calories and burn 600-800 a day.

Drink a half glass of water ever hour.

Jogging - 15 minutes twice a day - 300 calories.

Dancing - 20 minutes - 100 calories.

An hour of walking, 3 mph, moderate pace, level surface - 300ish cals.

If sitting at school or work, or home, constantly tap your feet/fingers. Fidgeting throughout day is proven to burn up to 800 calories per day.

sleep on your left side.


I was bored so I did some calculations. Ohkay...so I have 9 days until I go to the mall. And well...here are my results:

If I wanted to loose 10 pounds in 9 days I would have to loose at least 1.1 pounds everyday.

If I wanted to loose 9 pounds in 9 days I would have to loose 1 pound a day.

If I wanted to loose 8 pounds in 9 days I would have to loose 0.8 pounds a day.

If I wanted to loose 7 pounds in 9 days I would have to loose 0.7 pounds a day.

If I wanted to loose 6 pounds in 9 days I would have to loose 0.6 pounds a day.

If I wanted to loose 5 pounds in 9 days I would have to loose 0.5 pounds a day.

I'm pretty sure I can meet at least one of those goals in 9 days. Good luck to me. This just meand that I will have to Kick up my not eating and burning more calories on the days I can workout and when my mom is here, doing more stuff to burn more calories. On my nextpost I will make a list of things to burn calories in less obvious ways when my mom is here.


Ohk so heres my motivation. Since I will be like at home everyday this week I will probably be tempted to eat out of bordem so I really really need to not to eat....no matter what...unless it seems like my mom suspecs something.

Yeah so anyway...Not this sunday...but next sunday, My other mom is taking me shopping for summer clothes. And I am a size 1 now, so I wounder If its possible to drop instead of 4 pounds by next sunday, 6?


The day before I will be burning Calories because I will be working all day on the house.

My mom wont be going to school until tuesday. So that leaves 3 more days of just sitting around. But as soon as she leaves for school I am going to exercise like crazy. I think its possible. If i follow the diet plan I should be able to loose 6 pounds in 3 days. By eating only 200 and burning 600-800. So that means i will have to run for like 2 hours. fun...well its all worth it right? I guess. Wish me luck.

I just need to think of hello! shopping and how i want to look and feel in the clothes. I just cant wait to see. But my goal weight is still 98 pounds.


Well over the past week I now weigh 112.5
yesterday I weighed 111 but i ate:(
So its spring break. FINALLY!
sO I made a goal for myself. By the time school starts again...I will weigh 105. So thats...7.5 pounds in 9 days. Yeah..not possible. Ohk. something more realistic.

My goal: Weigh 108 by the time school starts again.
So thats....4.5 pounds in 7 days. Thats more realistic. I bet I will probably end up loosing more though. Like 5 pounds. I'll write in here almost everyday. I'll try and remember.

Today I allready had 3 stick pretzels(1 serving 130 calories)
And a small bowl of noodles.
Thats way to much! I am supposed to only eat 1 thing a day. So today Before i go to sleep i will have to drink at least 2 water bottles.

at the end of the day tomorrow ill weigh myself and see if ive lost anything. Probably only like .5 because ive had those noodles. and thats sodium. and sodium holds on to water which makes it harder to get rid of wastes:/

Sunday, April 5, 2009


My goal is 100 pounds...but 97 is good to. 97 would probably be better because once I start eating again...yes i wouldbe eating healthy, but i would still gain like 4 pounds back. I weigh 114 now.

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9

What happened

Ohk so Their is this thing that i tried and you just dont eat. If you have cravings then you "chew and spit". I did that and lost 4 pounds in one week. But then i slept over a friends house and gained the 3 pounds back from pigging out. So i am starting that again this week and not stopping till i reach 98 pound. But of course i drink lots of water and if im really almost going to faint, then i have some salad. Hopefully by next month i'll weigh 100 because i can loose 3-5 pounds a week. Wish me luck(:

Vacation to do list

~Vacation To Do list~

Loose 8 pounds
Get Hair trimmed + Bangs cut
Go shopping on the Friday before vacation ends
Check BMI everyday
Weigh self everyday
Buy new eyeliner
Buy a more natural light weight foundation
Sleep 9 hours a day min.
Go Tanning!!!
Go one full day without eating anything except water.