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Monday, September 14, 2009

Um yeah.

As it turns out I will not be back until October...in about 2 weeks. enjoy my old thinspo posts(:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

lunch tomorrow

so, as the day goes by, my lips get this gross white crap on them. they only get like this in school, I dont know why, when I am hungry or havent eaten. Luckily I drank some water and had some chapstick and it went away. but, my face also gets really pale. So I figured I would pack a lunch tomorrow before I start taking the adderal next week. And because I really dont want to look all pale and sick if I see him tomorrow walking home. So, for lunch I just packed a sandwhich. I will probably burn it off walking home anyways. lol. well, it is a whole weat english muffin, with 2tsp peanut butter stuffed inside and 2 banna slices and cinamon. yum(: and smart water. I will need something to wash it down. lol. and also, whenever I dont eat my breath smells...weird. anyways, I am going to my cousins house this weekend, I think saturday, so I will probably ask my mom to take my adderal sunday for "studying". And then we have no school monday and I am going to be hanging out with andre all day. so yeah...the only thing I plan to eat in those 4 days is water and green beans, or just salad and diet coke.


so, I am so excited! I started 9th grade yesterday and it was amazing. some of my friends had my lunch, but like today I had 2nd lunch, and whatever day it was , Bday? is officialy my least favorite day. Only like 3 of my friends had this lunch! And my ex boyfriend from last year is this year going out with this stuck up chick. But anyways...W-O-W! I have been doing so much walking between classes because its all one floor! and I walked to school today and it took me like 30 minutes to walk home. I am not walking to school anymore because my perfectly straightened hair gets ruined. But, on the way home...I am deffinatley going to start walking home more often! Well I was walking home alone because I didn't bother finding my friend merrisa in that mess, so I walked home alone. And their was this guy that I was walking behind and after a while I was starting to feel like a stalker so I was like "I feel like a stalker right now. I'm not a stalker." and then he laughed a bit and smiled and said, "thats okay, I don't think your a stalker." and then i laughed and we talked a bit(in the period of like 5 minutes). and of some of the things I can remembered I asked if he lived on my street because I have no idea who the guy is who lives on my street(who goes to my highschool). and he laughed and was like "no, but I dont know anyone who lives around their." and then we talked some more and i remember the last bit of the conversation..he was like, "what are you? sophmore or freshman?" and I was like "freshman" and he was like "oh" and then after a moment I was like "what are you" and he was like "senior" and he smiled(this whole walk he was looking in my eyes...dispite the sun. lmao. and I was like "fun" and he was like "not really, theirs freshman project and everything. thats what sucks." (he laughs a lot I didnt notice). and I was like "well being a freshman isnt so fun itself." and he was like "yeah a lot of the people in your class are annoying" and I was like "my class?" I thought he was talking about like my classes. lmao. "and he was like yeah, your freshman class." we were pretty much making small talk. and I was like "yeah, prety much all the freshman are insanely tall. it looks like they are on steroids or something." and he laughed and was like, urg! I forget whhat he said. but after that he was like "well this is my...bush." and I looked at this path surrounded by bushes. mysterious much? and then he was like, "whats your name?" and I was like "rachel, whats yours?" and he was like, well, it sounded like "stephen or stephon." and then he was like "well, it was nice meeting you rachel." and I smiled and was like "you too." then I walked away towards the mile long walk towards my house. I m so walking from now on.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fml much?

my mom came home today and her friends were here like all day. So they all made this pasta crap. So I had as little as possible of that. And then I had like a bowl of honey nut cherios. So, yeah. I guess I will have to rely on school to start!

And I know this planned thing didn't work. So, I am going to try something new. And it will be planned.

Everyday I will have 1 cup cereal and 1/2 cup fat free milk. I will have that once a day. I can choose to either have that at breakfast or when I come home from school or for dinner. But, if like I don't feel like eating at all that day. Then thats wonderful! Again, I will weigh myself when I get my interm report card for the first quarter.