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Thursday, October 8, 2009

boys and soccer.

So, today was weird. I felt like I was going to faint this morning so I had 1 piece of toast which had 100 calories. So I think I am going to do that from now on. Only eat a piece of toast a day. It keeps me satisfied.
But anyways, so this senior guy that I think is really hot e-mailed me in first class. we were e-mailing all of class & he said he could help me with my math homework(:
So I was like sure. & we spent all day tyring to find a time for him to help me... & we walked with me to all of my classes & to my locker(: so yeah I skipped lunch & he and his friend helped me with my math. he sounded a little pissed though when his friend volunteered to help...but anyways...he invited me to sit outside with him tomorrow during lunch!!! Only seniors can sit outside unless a senior invites you! ah! I am so happy! get to sit outside and enjoy the sun! But, I found something out. When we were talking he said that we could go to the library during lunch if I wasnt hungry..& I was like um..I eat lunch when I get home. & he said really? me to.

haha. but he actually eats lunch when he gets home. I don't(;

& the soccer part! right before lunch I had gym and I was sweating because I was running around like crazy trying to kick the soccerball and block as defence(I suck at running). So yeah, and I acidently slapped someone in the face(:

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