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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New look

I am going to get a new look. I do have some pieces already but like whenever I go shopping I will buy only those types of clothes.
Like, I can still buy some stuff from hollister & everything.
But, I want to lean toward the more edgy girly side of things.
Like, I am going to start shopping at forever21 a lot more often & I bought my first pair of skinny jeans & a pair of mocassins. I just looovee the look so much. I really do. So yeah.
This will be going into more of an affect next year because this year I am not even probably going to get anymore money until spring... & then I wont be THAT edgy because it's the summer & dark clothes don't really work then. But, next fall & winter... CAN'T WAIT. But, I think I am going to try & save up like $100 before winter is over & buy a whole bunch of new edgy stuff in like march. haha :p

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