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Friday, February 19, 2010

I had a feeling

I had a feeling I gained a bit of weight over this vacation.. & I guess I was right! :-/

I tried on my hollister shorts that are a width of 24.. which once fit perfectly in january.. and now they barely fit! fml.

I need to start sticking to all of these plans! but, when I plan what I am going to eat.. that doesn't seem to work. so, I will just eat anything..

so, I am going to take my adderal everyday.. just not everyday when I come home from school. I will sometimes after school.. just not all the time. whatever happened to my GW of 100?

well, I am going to start weighing myself on mondays, wednesdays.. and fridays.
or, maybe I should weight myself EVERYDAY?

yes, I think I will do that because thats what seemed to have worked.

I will weigh myself everyday.. before I take a shower in the mornings.
& I just weighed myself which I shouldn't have done because I weigh 111 pounds !!! :-/
fml. this is so horrible. ugh, I was 108 2 weeks ago!! well, I guess I will go & post some thinspiration links..




so, I am giving myself until the end of march to weigh 100. thats about 4 weeks. so, I will have to loose 2.75 pounds a week. if I do my crunches & everything, it should be possible :)

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