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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Natural Distasters

okay, so I know this is very different from my normal posts.. but I have been thinking about it a lot & it is kinda freaking me out.

so, you know how the world is supposefly supposed to end in 2012?
well, I am terrified to see if it actually true or not.. even though I don't really believe it.

but, all of these horrible things have been happening.
there has been an earthquake in chile, haiti, & a tsunami in hawaii.
& then on top of that all of these famous people, & people in real life have been dying. Maybe it's just because I am older and I hear a lot more about everything..
or maybe it's just idk..

it seems that all of these horrible things are happening.. maybe the events will end up to the world ending.. in 2012? idk, maybe I am just going insane. who knows. but that's my opinion. gives you something to think about that's for sure.

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