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Thursday, September 3, 2009


so, I am so excited! I started 9th grade yesterday and it was amazing. some of my friends had my lunch, but like today I had 2nd lunch, and whatever day it was , Bday? is officialy my least favorite day. Only like 3 of my friends had this lunch! And my ex boyfriend from last year is this year going out with this stuck up chick. But anyways...W-O-W! I have been doing so much walking between classes because its all one floor! and I walked to school today and it took me like 30 minutes to walk home. I am not walking to school anymore because my perfectly straightened hair gets ruined. But, on the way home...I am deffinatley going to start walking home more often! Well I was walking home alone because I didn't bother finding my friend merrisa in that mess, so I walked home alone. And their was this guy that I was walking behind and after a while I was starting to feel like a stalker so I was like "I feel like a stalker right now. I'm not a stalker." and then he laughed a bit and smiled and said, "thats okay, I don't think your a stalker." and then i laughed and we talked a bit(in the period of like 5 minutes). and of some of the things I can remembered I asked if he lived on my street because I have no idea who the guy is who lives on my street(who goes to my highschool). and he laughed and was like "no, but I dont know anyone who lives around their." and then we talked some more and i remember the last bit of the conversation..he was like, "what are you? sophmore or freshman?" and I was like "freshman" and he was like "oh" and then after a moment I was like "what are you" and he was like "senior" and he smiled(this whole walk he was looking in my eyes...dispite the sun. lmao. and I was like "fun" and he was like "not really, theirs freshman project and everything. thats what sucks." (he laughs a lot I didnt notice). and I was like "well being a freshman isnt so fun itself." and he was like "yeah a lot of the people in your class are annoying" and I was like "my class?" I thought he was talking about like my classes. lmao. "and he was like yeah, your freshman class." we were pretty much making small talk. and I was like "yeah, prety much all the freshman are insanely tall. it looks like they are on steroids or something." and he laughed and was like, urg! I forget whhat he said. but after that he was like "well this is my...bush." and I looked at this path surrounded by bushes. mysterious much? and then he was like, "whats your name?" and I was like "rachel, whats yours?" and he was like, well, it sounded like "stephen or stephon." and then he was like "well, it was nice meeting you rachel." and I smiled and was like "you too." then I walked away towards the mile long walk towards my house. I m so walking from now on.

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