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Thursday, September 3, 2009

lunch tomorrow

so, as the day goes by, my lips get this gross white crap on them. they only get like this in school, I dont know why, when I am hungry or havent eaten. Luckily I drank some water and had some chapstick and it went away. but, my face also gets really pale. So I figured I would pack a lunch tomorrow before I start taking the adderal next week. And because I really dont want to look all pale and sick if I see him tomorrow walking home. So, for lunch I just packed a sandwhich. I will probably burn it off walking home anyways. lol. well, it is a whole weat english muffin, with 2tsp peanut butter stuffed inside and 2 banna slices and cinamon. yum(: and smart water. I will need something to wash it down. lol. and also, whenever I dont eat my breath smells...weird. anyways, I am going to my cousins house this weekend, I think saturday, so I will probably ask my mom to take my adderal sunday for "studying". And then we have no school monday and I am going to be hanging out with andre all day. so yeah...the only thing I plan to eat in those 4 days is water and green beans, or just salad and diet coke.

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