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Sunday, November 1, 2009

how could I forget?!

I completely forgot about chewing and spitting!!!
I lost like 6 pounds in one week that way before! but of course I was eating nothing esle so when I did finally eat a little bit of something the next week I gained like 3 pounds!
so yeah, of course I am going to do that & eat an apple a day.
I am so excited about this. I WILL be thin. I will be pretty. I CAN do this.
Also, I am like going to live with my moms dansko drink container. its like a water bottle...but the top comes off like a starbucks cup(:
I am going to be filling that up with all kinds of drinks. who cares if my face gets bloated with gingerale? my body will be getting skinnier and thats all that matters.
It's fall. the first day of winter is the 21st. I live for these winter and fall days because the coldness reminds me that I am sick and I can't eat because I am sick. It makes me feel frail like I don't need food.
people say they loose weight in the summer but gain weight in the winter.
I am the opposite.
I gainw eight in the summer and loose weight in the winter. I just don't work out as much because it's freezing!
oh, & I am going to walk home form school every day now. to get that half hour of exercise.

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