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Friday, November 6, 2009

& then some.

well, instead of eating an apple a day, I have been eating one low calorie thing a day. On monday I ate cereal, on tuesday I had oyster crackers & cereal(not good!, wednesday I had oyster crackers, thrusday I had a special K cereal bar, and today I had cereal w/milk. I weighed myself this morning & I weigh 108(:
I mean its not that good...I only lost 3 pounds this week. probably would have been 4 if it wasn't for my binge tuesday. But, right now I am sucking on a lollypop. I think tomorrow I am going to have one of those for my one a day thing. & it's only 60 calories and last for like 30 minutes(:
well, tomorrow I can't take my adderal because I think my mom might get suspicous...but I am going to go hang out wiht my friend andre to distract myself from food. I will take my adderal sunday.
But, it's friday and I of course always for some reaosn over eat on fridays.
today I have had:
oyster crackers(60 calories)
special K bar(90 calories)
cereal(120 calories)
lillipop(60 calories)
thats 330 fucking calories! :(
well, tomorrow I will make sure I walk around a lot with andre. oh, & this week isn't technically over until sunday.
next week I want to loose 4 pounds.
by the time I go shopping next weekend, I want to weigh at least 104. I would rather weigh 103, but thats a little demanding considering I dont workout.so, I guess in these next 8 or 9 days, I have to loose 5 pounds. So, thats .6 pounds a day. I guess thats duable...as long as I don't binge!
But okay so this year I have an advantage...my school is hugee!
So I am going to have gym class 4/5 days next week. we are probably playing soccer or walking the track. fuun. the only thing I will be doing is walking. lol.
But, my classes are all over the building, so I walk around the whole day burning major calories. & I am going to walk home 3/5 days next week. which is a half hour walk home. wish me luck(: I will weigh myself friday morning.

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