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Sunday, November 1, 2009

tips & tricks

yes I know I've already posted a couple of these a while back but hey, everyone needs a little refresher.

Wal*Mart flavor packets. These are packets of flavoring to add to water. 0 cals baby! They taste great and really help when craving something sweet.

Just stay out of the kitchen. Surprisingly it helps.

Go to caloriesperhour.com and look at the calories in foods you love. That Burger from burger king is deadly!

Look for thinspo pics of your fav models.

Go browse at the mall. Make a note of all the clothes you will buy when you are thin.

Buy clothes that are too small that way you have a goal to get into that outfit.

Read a book.

Cut out pics from magazines

Make your own site or journal!

Wear ankle weights. I walk around the house in baggy pants and the weights. Great for the legs.

Start a diary just for your personal thoughts.

Hot showers rele do fill you up lol!

Have a elastic band on your wrist everytime you goto eat or even think of eating flick it! it hurts like a bitch sumtimes!

Diet pills, Green Tea, Laxatives, Caffine Pills and any pills take them all lmao dont abuse laxatives tho!

Drink a glass of water before you Purge it will help you Throw up (i know its not very nice)

Chew and spit food into a plastic bag make sure you bin it ASAP to make sure no one finds it!

Food youve said uve eaten take it away hide it, bin it, make washing up with it wat ever just DONT EAT IT!

8 Glasses of water a day water has no calories it will fill you up and you wont be dehydrated

Diet Coke or Pepsi MAX the gas inside will seriously fill you up buy like a 2 litre bottle drink that all day!

A Apple a Day Keeps The Docter Away!

if you ate in town take the money out of your purse save it as a reward at the end of the month you might have enough money to buy that cute pair of size 4/00 Jeans you want to wear!

When you start thinking about food make a thinspo book/ website of your own, add pics of girls from magazines write your own tips and diets, Gws, how your feelin that kinda thing!

Punish yourself everytime you eat!

look at the fat girl eating and be disgusted that she can eat that fuckin Mc Donalds!

NEVER STOP MOVING! the more you move the more calories you burn!

DIET Red bull gives you wings and its only 7.5 calories per can

Eat ice cubes or make diet coke/lemonade ice lollys for summer. plus the coldness will boost metabolism.

Instead of getting on a scale let an outfit be your guide to skinny. Break out a tiny little outfit and lose enough weight to fit into it then lose more weight until that outfit becomes baggy on you.

1.Eat Breakfast
2.Drink coffee (no more then 2 cups with a small amount of honey and low fat milk.
3.Eat seafood
4.Eat loads of vegetables and fruit to fill yourself up during every meal.
5.Wear a lacing corset to slim your waist.
6.Devour anything that helps you lose weight, for example, cough drops, hoodia or fiber.
7.Never eat pass 6:00pm or 4 hours before you go to sleep.
8.Learn to fast: To Learn Click Here…
9.Read this article: (10 tips for weight loss)
10.If you feel like eating watch a gory horror movie like Hostel 2. Click Here for Hostel 2.
11.Find out how your celebrity thinspiration lost weight or how he or she stays fit
12.Choose thinspiration with the same body type
13.Do cardio for 30-60 minutes 6 days a week
14.Choose a cardio you love
15.Make sure your workout challenges you
16.Use ephedra to reduce body fat especially if you’re a gurl
17.Change your workout weekly to confuse your muscles
18.Learn how to workout via personal trainer, youtube or DVD.
19.workout twice a day
20.Don’t be too hard on yourself
21.Have faith that all your hard work will pay off if you don’t give up too soon.
22.Understand that you didn’t gain weight over night so you won’t lose weight over night
23.Get a workout buddy
24.Chose a thinspiration that has your body type
25.Buy diet pills that has great customer feed back like ephedra.
26.Watch your thinspiration any chance you can.
27.Information on how to Binge, take Laxatives and Diuretics: Click Here!
28.Learn about weight cutting (click here)
29.Find out what a girl must have to keep the fat off (Click here to read the List
30.Studies have shown that people that eat all the same food gets board of eating the same foods thus eating less so eat the same food and bore your way to skinny!
31.Drink lots of H2o even when your not thursty for water helps your body burn more calories by preventing you from storing fat
32.Stop eating dairy, especially milk and buy soy or coconut or make your own milk)
33.Since the body burns water all through the night, it’s a good idea to drink a glass before going to bed and one when you rise in the morning. In fact, if you want to wake up quickly, down a glass of ice water while you’re brewing your morning coffee.

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