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Monday, December 14, 2009

Healthy & Happy makes it happen

Well, the last time I weighed myself was last week and I weighed 106. But, I ate like SUCH a pig yesterday at the christmas party I probably weigh 109 at least! So, I was reading SHAPE magazine & apparently eating like a happy person helps.

So I am going to fill my diet with colors. Like, I am going to drink 10 calorie yellow lemonade from a blue glass with a pink straw.

So, I am through with just eating different things everyday because that apparently doesn't seem to work.

I am going to make a plan of food to eat EVERYDAY. Like routine. It helps:

For breakfast I will start off the day with 130 calories of hot chocolate & my adderal.

I don't eat lunch at school, so I will bring some 10 calories crystal light lemonade to school & I can have a sip of that every class so that I don't get de-hydrated.

Then, when I come home I can have an apple. & it's winter, so I am of course going to be wanting something WARM to eat. So, I am going to put cinamon & splenda on it and put in in the microwave for 45 secconds. I've tried it before. tastes good(:

So, I am going to be eating like...
130 calories hot chocolate
10 calorie crystal light
15 calories cinamon
90 calorie apple
40 calories 2 tsp of sprinkle cheese

285 calories a day. sounds good. but, on tuesdays & thrusdays...I can have a slice of 80 calories toast in the morning also.

So I will be eating about 2000 calories this week. I will start something new next week.

Oh, & its not much exercise but, I am doing hockey in gym so we are like walking a hitting pucks. haha. & I walk home a half hour about 3 times a week.

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