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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


OMFG my friend allison was just here & we havent seen eachother in like literally FOREVER! So like of course we were having fun with my mom not here & we PIGGED THE FUCK OUT! like omg! so much for the plan to start today! I guess it is just going to have to start tomorrow. Well, like seriously. I had SO MUCH food today. I wasnt on my dderal today so it felt like I hadn't eaten in FOREVER. So we had pizza, some beef stew, popcorn, hot chocolate, & peanuts. like omg! so ou have any idea how many calories that is?!?!like wow. just wow. off the top of my head I bet that is 800 calories. wow. of pure CARBS. I am going to feel like SHIT tomorrow! Well, when I get home from school I am going to take my adderal. And, how it works is it makes me concentrate & like if I have any food in my body, it pretty much makes me get rid of it, so yeaah. I am going to ahve the runs tomorrow. good! lmfao. I need that! which is why I am going to take it after school. oh, & I am like going to be taking my adderal also so I go to sleep early, and SLEEP early!

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