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Thursday, May 20, 2010

doo da doo it's allll gooood ;)

So, today we got out early because of senior presenations for senior project. we got out around 10 I think. the guy I've been talking to since christmas vacation who has a girlfriend of two years gave me a ride home. we hung out for a few hours. after he left I went over my friend paige's & we went on a frieken two hour walk. I got a little tan out of it. AND I was feelin greaat.. until I came home.. and like binged the crap outta myself. so, I barely ate a thing for a few days.. and it would have been 3 if I hadn't binged tonight. why cant I ever make it past the 3rd day!? well, I am starting FRESH tomorrow. oh, & my teachers signed me up for kettle bells in gym class.. which is like working out to the extreme. the first day was horrible.. and today I could barely move my arms. my legs are fine. it's my legs & ass. I could barely sit down or walk. when someone gave me a hug I like flipped out.. & then one of my friends forgot and slapped my shoulder.. and I nearly died! well, me & paige got some peace tea.. which is the picture above. it's great for a treat everyoneinawhile. it's 150 calories in the whole bottle. I took that picture above, btw.. so yeah, starting freshh tomorrow. I want to look amazing & tan when I come back to school monday. it's supposed to be 85 next week! fml, right? since I have like no shorts.. lol.

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