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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guys are jerks.

So, a little while ago this guy kept on asking me questions on formspring saying that I was cute & that he always saw me in the halways.. but never says hi because I seem unaproachable since he's "shy". well, I kept on asking who it was.. & he sent me a question with his username on it saying who he was. Turns out.. it's one of the most popular guys at school. A lot of my friends used to talk about him saying he was hot.. & one of my friends actually stayed after school and watched him run around the track with one of her friends. I was all like "um.. that's creepy. I wouldn't mention that again if I were you.." Ha, so.. yeah I heard of him and yeah. I honestly don't think he is THAT cute. He isn't really my type. I like mediteranean guys.. and he looks like taylor laughtner. So, I guess he has a rep of being a major flirt.. and being a complete jerk. Well, the first day we actually talked in person.. was at the end of gym class. I was wearing a skirt.. and he pciked me up & hugged me.. and like my skirt flew up when he spun me & anyone staring at us (which a lot of people were) pretty much saw my brand new victoria secret underwear. lol, greaaatt. My face turned beat red.. & he had no idea why until I told him later on. He flirts in like a joking way.. but it is also rude.. even though I know he is joking. I still don't like it. Like, he will hold my hand in the hallway.. & then let go immediately and like push me away towards my next class. Today, I was in gym class.. and like dying so I was taking a break.. and he came in and looked at me.. and walked out. & after gym class.. we were standing together.. & he was sweating from gym. I wasn't but felt like I was.. and I was all like, "I'm dying.. it's so hot." & he was all like, "yeah, it's because you're fat and out of shape." I was all like, "thanksss..." & all of his friends were all like, "wow, dillin... you're nice.." & then he poked my stomache.. and was all like, "it's like poking a beany bag." I laughed and then we went to our next class. when I went home.. I went on an hour run. I know he was kidding.. but still. I'm kinda pissed. tomorrow I'm planning on giving him the cold shoulder.

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