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Saturday, May 22, 2010

PHS cheerleading.

So, since last year.. so many people have been trying to get me to join cheerleading. Some of their reasons are because I have that "cheerleader look". wtf is that? ha! Some peoples reaons are because I would love it. Some have their reasons mentioning my 11 years of dance experience. I finaly gave in last night! My friend wouldn't stop talking to me about it. So, I just gave in.
It took nearly two years for my to try out.. so hopefully they can shut up now. I am kind of really excited, though. I mean.. I haven't danced in like 2 years.. so hopefully I don't completely suck. It burns major calories too! But, when I was dancing.. my legs got so muscular.. I HATED IT! hopefully they don't start to this time :-/

Practices are only 2-3 times a week.. so I don't know. But my friend paige is on the team.. so we are going to like all like practices together & everything. If I make it.. I'll post a picture of me with my uniform on :)
Anyways, today I am going to six flags with my friend paige :)
Hopefully I'll get tan and do A LOT of walking! :)
I barely ate anything.. except for yesterday I had a major binge.
Starting fresh today :)

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