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Saturday, May 8, 2010


So, I think that I am going to start putting ONE thinspiration picture in each blog thingy that I do.. just for the readers :)

So, about my week. My week was pretty boring. I felt disgusting the whole week. Yesterday & today I do the most. YESTERDAY I had a huuugeee binge. omg. my NORMAL friend was all like, "you're like bindge eating right now." That shut my mouth for the rest of the night.

Later that night.. we went down to the rocks near pawtuxet village. What it is, is that there are these rocks that you walk on across the water... and it is soo long. we burned about 400 calories with all the hiking and everything. It was soooo pretty there. I can't wait to get my camera & take pictures :)

I am going to eat as little as possible! I will start monday since I can't even get my adderal subscription filled until then :-/

fml, right? So, tomorrow I am going to have to like looaddd up on the diet coke & yeah..I want to NOT eat ANYTHING tomorrow. Well, I think that I will eat 250 calories a day. like, 83 calories a meal. I can do that, somehow. I can blend everything.

I know how to make YUMMY 60 calorie smoothie.

I'll list how :)

60 calorie strawberry smoothie:

- 10 strawberries (each strawberry has only 4 calories!)

- 3 packets of the splenda with 1 gram of fiber calorie free + 1 gram fiber :)

- 6-10 ice cubes (0 cals, duh)

- 1/2 cup of LIGHT cranberry juice (you can barely taste it, it just adds to making you more full.. & about 20 cals)

so, just blend everything together as much as you choose & there's your smoothie. you can eat ALL of it, even though it looks like a lot... and you'll only have eaten 60 calories.

So, here is your 60 calorie smoothie with 3 grams of fiber :)

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