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Sunday, May 9, 2010


So, NOT eating anything... yeah I would die. Not in a legit way.. just because I would be more likely to break out in a binge.

So, I was eating Ramen last night(130) and I was thinking..

I only really like the packet stuff.

So, I am going to eat ONE ramen packet a day.

I am going to take the packet for breakfast.. and eat the flavor in a bowl so it's like soup.

the, when I get home I am going to have the noodles & my strawberry smoothie.

I can alternate between those.

I hope my mom isn't reading this. She said she was going to do a "check" in the computer because she can tell if I sent an IM. well, I haven't. I have been listening to music on facebook, writing here, and working on my career development thing.

It feels so late in the day.. but it's only 2:12. greaat. I know I'm going to sleep WELL tonight!

I am weighing myself friday. every friday. I reaaally want this to work!

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