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Friday, August 7, 2009

fml .

Ohk, I just got my period for the first time. Here is a list of things that are neccestities to me:

midol: teen formula
playtex sport tampons regular uncented
diurex water pills original formula

Yeah so tomorrow I start that thing of chewing and spitting and seeing how long I can go without eating. Today was a good little preperation: I only had a Luna bar.
OH, and I got my period for the first time today. Woo...
Yeah well I have been crying uncontrolably for the past hour. But I just stopped a while ago.

But, now that I have my period, I hear that you rperiod goes away if you don't eat. So theirs an inspiration. I mean I just got it today and I feel so bloated! So, thats the only plus, that I feel full as hell! But I feel like I weigh 5 pounds more than usual becausxe of my damn period..oh and guess what. I have my period for the seccond week of school. Isn't that wonderful? I mean I do feel pretty normal except for the bloating, the crying, and the wanting to lie down. My face is also bloated. Anyways, the only difference besides that is I now have blood coming out of my vagina. lmfao!

But yeah.

So Tommorrow: the start of the fasting until as long as possible. Good luck to me!

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