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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holy Hell!

Ohk, so I woke up at like 5, and I couldn't go bac to sleep...so I took a shower, got dressed, and perfected my hair and make-up. Then my mom went out of the house for an hour, and I am looking for a new dance studio(1 year without dance as been torture!) and I am waiting for them to call back. So, I was watching some tap videos(I love tap!), and I just played party in the usa by miley cyrus...and I put on my old tap shoes that are litrally 2 sizes too small, but I managed to squeeze them on my one of my feet...but I couldnt get my heel in the other. And I went down to my basement and started dancing...like tap dancing. And omg! I forgot how much I liked it! I am so happy right now! I am in the best mood! And, the best part is...I haven t eaten all day! And I don't even have an appetitite! I think that is the key! Dance! I can't wait until my mom is out of the house again thursday so I can do that again! But...I am in desperate need of new tap shoes! I will probably get some next month, For now I will have to deal.

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