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Monday, August 31, 2009

My first full day!

I went my first full day of not eating yesterday! I just had like 2 coke zeros, but I guess I shouldn't have done that because then I couldnt fall asleep last night, so I was really tired today and I ate. I had chiken noodle soup. Thats like 140 calories. Not that bad but still. Well, I am going to sleep as late as possible tomorrow and take my adderal. And, I will consentrating on finishing my paper.

Now, I know that my grandmother scale probably isnt the most acurate, but I cheated, and I stepped on it and I weigh like 110. So I finally lost what I gained this summer! But, I am not weighing myself again. I am going to eat as little as possible until interm report cards come out. And, if I weigh 105 by then, I can reward myself with something sweet, like maybe my recent craving toaster stroodle. But, if I am more than 105, I can't. And then if by report cards I weigh 100 then I can have 2 toaster stroodles. Then, I will see what happens from their.

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