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Monday, August 10, 2009


Yeah so, I didn't eat for two days(saturday+sunday) except for the occasional 10 calorie jello, but today I had to go out to lunch and I just picked the healthiest I thing I thought would be...and it was this squash casserole. It turns out with the amount I have eaten...it was about 180 calories. Thats sort of bad. But, Tommorrow I will start up the non eating thing again. I think I am going to do something different though, Like what I used to do. But less calories.

Monday: 200 calories
Tuesday: 100 calories
Wednesday: FAST
Thursday: 100 calories
Friday: 50 calories
Saturday: 100 calories
Sunday: FAST

So thats the plan. And, if I go over, then I will need to make myself puke 3 times or more again. So yeah, I will print that out and record my results everyday. Also, I am going to try to stay up as late as possible so I sleep to at least 12 everyday. And I need to remind myself that I can't drink coffee because that makes me hungry. So I am making a little deal with myself...I will do this for 2 weeks, and if I am good, and never cheat, I can have a coffee coolada(small) before continuing with this plan. At the end of the 2 weeks I will weigh myself and see how much I weigh. If I weigh 108, or less than I can continue with this but cut out the 200 calories, and if I weigh more than 108, I will have to cut out the 200 and the 100's.

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