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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The plan

Well today went great until just now, 8:53, I ate a bowl of cereal. H0ney bunches of oats:(

Ugh! I cannot wait until I can get that stuff. But tomorrow I plan on going for a walk. I will probably just wear my navy cotton shorts and my white camp jori T-shirt with bue and white nike's from 7th grade. I mind as well use those shoes for non important things now since I am getting new ones this year(school sneakers and gym sneakers). For gym I will probably search the internet for one of those kind of sneakers that burn extra calories with each step, so at least something good will be coming out of gym with the little perticipation(whatever the word is) I put in since I can't catch anything, and my hand-eye coordination is just, idk, I don't even bother. I don't usually run for more than a lap before I start walking because of course, its gym and its school. I mean I would if it was at the end of the day and I didnt have classes after that, but no. And of course we have classes with the guys! I mean how is anyone supposed to conventrate when you are focused on not tripping when you run and falling on your face like a spazz? Anyways, I will probably end up going with some type of white non-athletic sneaker for school not gym. In the summer I live on flip flops, but in winter I don't wear all of those boots. I don't like feeling restricted unless I am in new hampshire or something like that. So in the winter and fall, I mostly live on sneakers. Thats it. Usually the same pair everyday, because their is really nothing else to wear unless you want to freeze to death in flip flops, which some people, I among them, sometimes do. But anyways, yeah so where was I? For the rest of this week I am going to do my best with not eating aanything. And I find that when I had that bowl of cereal, it felt like I was going to puke because I was so nauses.

But this is my plan for tommorrow: wake up, spray my new victorias secret pink everything refresher spray on my face, hair, arms, legs, and chest. Then make a half glass of coffee, 2 table spoons cream, 1 packet splenda. Then take my fish oil vitamin, my multivitamin, and my vitamin D tablet. Put my hair up into a high pony tail, put on my sunglasses, try to find my watch that I haven't seen since the 6the 6th grade, and if I cant see if I can find one of my moms to wear that is very thin and very unocitable on my wrist(so I don't have to lug around my cell phone like my mom insists(another reason why I can't wait to move out)). I plan on going for a walk on my own pace and enjoying everything(looking at nothing I have seen before), oh and I have to make sure to take a different street on my way to the rodery so I don't pass this creepy guys house for the millionth time that I allways pass on my bike rides. And I plan to be gone for about 2 hours. Then when I get back I can indulge myself and take a 30 minute-1 hours shower(the plant won't die this one time). Then, I will probably put on this face mask for 20 minutes. And then I will go in my room and listen to the radio. Then while doing that I will paint my nails. Something different. I have been staring at reds and multiple shades of pink for way to long. I think I will switch back to my last summers obsession, this creamy coraly, orangy, sherberty color that came out last year. Wait for that to dry for about an hour. Go and get another half cup of coffee. Then clean my room(again!), and spray the everything refresher spray. Mousturize my sunburn on my face and attempt to remove my 1 layer of a DIY spray tan on my legs(they are now too dark!), I will have to look that up. Then I will make that ENERGY from um I forget the name, but its in a packet, and its reberry, even though I would much rather prefer REFRESH or METABOLISM, those flavors are better. And then...hmm...well I will do 15 math probalems ASAP and I will probably then check my e-mail and listen to the radio until about 6:00, then I will watch a movie(a classic). And then it will probably be like 9, so I can watch what ever on tv, and then at 11, chelsea lately(but only if I don't eat!!!), and then bed.

I will do the same the next day. Woo(:

I actually can't wait. Seems fun.

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