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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

green tea fat burner

I think that the next time I am at my other moms house(3 days), I will ask her to buy them for me and I will just be all like yeah my mom allready buys beyond healthy food allready and I do try to go walking but I just really want to loose those extra 5 pounds before school starts. And she will probably buy it. I used it before, at the begining of all of this, and I lost about 3 pounds with eating, so it controls appetite, so I have no idea how much I will loose with not eating, but I am guessing it will speed up the process and control my appetite while burning fat. It says you can loose up to 20 pounds in 15 days, and I have about 4 weeks, so yeah. I am so excited to see what she says. And before when I bought it, I just went to CVS and asked a random girl if I could give her the money and she could buy it for me, and she said yes but then she was all like "Yeah, I'll buy it for you...but you really don't look like you need it at all". Well thats my opinion isnt it?

Arg I can't wait!

oh, and yesterday I didn't eat, but today I sort of binged. I ate a can of green beens, and thats only like 80 calories. But still, I think the sodium makes up for it...

And again it needs to be friday allready! Ugh!!

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