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Thursday, August 6, 2009

I don't care if it's wrong

So, I just came back from a spontanious vacation to the cape. Cape Cod. And I just came back and my mom is out until 8. So I had some pineaple and 9 square noodles. I just made myself puke about 9 times and I deffinatley will more, because I puked up the coffee and all the noodles, and now I am at the pineaple. So I deffinatley want to get rid of the pineaple. I am deffinatley going to start that back up again. It feels good. That and chewing and spitting. When I was chewing and spitting, I was loosing like 3-4 pounds a week, because I wasnt exercising.

So, I am going to start this new thing which involves chewing and spitting. I am going to see what the longest I can go without eating(of course drinking like water and vitamin water nd stuff like that, just no food). I want to see how long I can go as a little experiment. And I will be doing plenty of chewing and spitting. So yeah. Wish me luck! And yeah I know I allways say I am going to do this and I allways don't last a day before eating like an apple or something, but I am really going to follow through. I am going to try my hardest to last for 3 days, because I hear after that it gets easier. So yeah. This weekend I want to do stuff. Like get out of the house. Go swimming in a pool.

But, I am going to ask my other mom(so I have more money) if she can buy me a back to school outfit, which she will probably say no, but then I will be like what about a sweatshrt? And she will probably say yes.

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