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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Depression Hurts

I have started taking adderal today , it made me all depressed and I even cried during school but i tmakes my appetite go away, but i nedd to do what i nneed to to get good grades i guess. Yeah, today I know that the aderall worked because I got that familiar feeling from under 2 years ago. The feeling of being shaky, feeling like i dont want to eat anything, the cold feeling of my heart and how my heart felt hallow, and how i almost cried at almost everything but I controlled myself. But by last period I couldnt take it and I broke. I started crying extremly. Like tears strolling down face, gasping for air kind of crying, and I am pretty sure a good fraction of people saw me, but luckily they didnt see the worst of me crying, I was in guidence office for that. I had no reason to cry though. Well, Today was day 3 of my fast and I was again successfull .

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