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Friday, May 22, 2009


Ohk so I was reading this thing, and it seems like a good idea. rward myself for a certain amount of pounds lost.

Well I cant weigh myself for another 2 days, but how about lets just say I am 109.
My goal weight is 95 pouunds. So I have about 14 pounds more to loose:/

but instead of pounds, I will judge in weight for the rewards

Reach 105 pounds- Purchace Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship conditioner or hello hydration conditioner
Reach 100 pounds- Go Shopping and get to eat chiken for one meal( but then back on fast)!!!
Reach 98 pounds- Post in blog everything I feel at that moment. That I am no longer in the 100's. And hell yeah! Go swimming somewhere, even if its just going in the sprinklers at home, its still reviving and refreshing. And have a get together with friends.
Reach 95 pounds- Set a sunday to mee! Tanning outside. But lying face down- 1 hour and lying face up- 1 hour(Spf 15). Then go inside. Have a refreshing fruit(orange). And make myself a special liquid drink w/crushed ice. Then Clean and Clear detoxifying facial. Hair mask. And shave legs. Stay off computer all day. Just watch TV and look at magazines(no music either unless its soothing).

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