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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day

Today is mothers day and me and my mom and my grandma went to this cresent ridge ice cream place, and my original plan was to say that I had a stoomache ache and not get an ice cream. But then my grandma and my mom asked if I lost any weight because I look thinner. And of course I said no. bUT i DONT understand how they will think that because I weigh 109. And yeah. So I ended up getting a kiddy cup ice cream. So this week my goal is to loose 6 pounds and the week after that another 6 pounds which will bing me to weighed 97 pounds. And so then I will only have to loose 2 more pounds then I am done and I can reward myself with one meal of whatever I want. But thats it, and then I go back to eating healthy and only eating treats once in a while, because I am never letting myself get above 100 until a while.

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