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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

walking home from school

Ohk so I stayed for department night today and I took the late bus. On my way home from the late bus to my house, these 2 guys , who i think were pretty hot, were walking on their front lawn. And I kept on walking, average slow speed. And then they said hi, and so i said hi, and then one of them said that their name was brandon and asked what my name was. I stopped and said rachel. Then the other guy said his name but i forget what it is. And then one of them said, we live right here(pointing to their house) if you ever want to drop by. So I just laughed and was like "ohk..." and I continued walking. Then one of them asked me if I went to pilgrim, and I stopped and was like "I'm only in 8th grade". Than they were like oh, ohk. and i continued walking and they were like bye. And I was like mhm bye. So yeah, this is making me smile for them to think That i was probably a junior or above in pilgrim and I am not retarted so I know what they were offering. If they showed any shock when i said what grade i was in, then i must have missed it, but i could have sworn i felt a little shock in the atmosphere, but saw none on their faces. So I am walking home again tomorrow from the late bus as I usually do, and I will see if they are out their again, and if they are, what they say. LOL.

And I mean, before I began loosing weight, I got compliments and hit on before also from guys I didnt know, but never a flat out invitation to sleep with them. I kind of wish I made something up and said I was from a highschool. LMAO.

Ahh, well I am really curious to see how much I weigh now, but i will just have to wait until friday I guess. Like I want to know, but I also dont want to, and feel like I want to wait another week. But I wont. I will weigh myself friday morning. I have no idea how much I will weigh, but I am guessing like 103? IDK. We'll have to wait and see.

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