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Thursday, May 28, 2009

bringing in the "or elses"

ohk, so last night binged like crazy. And today I had raveoli but i threw it up and then some. So yeah. And I am completly not eating this weekend, like complletly liquid. And I was thinking about putting off weighing myself until another week. But I have to do it. I think thats what encouraged the binge. Not weighing myself in sooo long. So I am guessing I will weigh myself and not have lost that much because of the binge yesterday. But I will do my best to burn it off and more in the 3 days I have. And Once i weigh myself I will still continue on the fast,. But be more serious about it this time. Like i dought that I will b 100 on monday when I weigh myself, so I once I weigh myself, I will be like, if I dont loose 5 pounds by next monday then I will have to make myself throw up 3 times or something like that. Because making myself puke is extremly tiring afterwards. I am starting to bring in the "or elses".

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