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Monday, May 4, 2009

Uhm...good then bad...i thinkl

Well I weighed myself sunday night and I weighed 107!!! Yay(: So yeah i guess i needabout 2 more weeks until I am 98. Thank gawd. But today is monday and I was weak today so i scoured down pickles. But they like only have sodium but still...Not good at all. Ill work it off tomorrow I guess. But not thaT I have about 10 more pounds to go, I only have to loose 5 a week instead of 7, so i can go easyier on the workouts thank gawd. So my goal is to loose 5 or 6 pounds this week also. Then 5 or 6 next week. Then I am done with this! yayy1 But dont get all excited, because then wehn I am done i will weigh 96, so I will start eating breakfast and dinner with one snack, but like very very small. But once I get to 96 i need a rewarder, like a big bowl of cereal, and eat whatever i want for like a day, and then i will probably end up weighing 100, so then ill go back t just eating salad all summer, so then ill loose like 5 pounds naturally over the summer just by eating salad and get to 95 by the time school starts(: perfect

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