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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yeah I am much closer to my goal because I weighed myself this morning and I now weigh 109(:
That means in the next 3 days I need to loose 3 more pounds to get down to my goal weight loss for the week. Sooo much closer. But Now that I think about it, I havent been running this week, oh well i'll make up for it when I sleepover my cousin house. Oh and she IMed whEN I had an away message up asking what I like to eat. But she is not on right now so idk what to say. Because I planned on saying i ate before I came so i guess i'll just say that. "I planned on eating before I came because i usually like to eat dinner early, but if I get hungry ill just have whatever you guys are having". Perfect!

Sigh, I cannot wait till I am at 98 pounds.

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