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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Can't wait until Monday!!

Today is saturday. The fourth of July and I was going to go with my mom to this cookout, but I couldn't find anything to wear because I look like a major fatass it everything!!! I feel like starting my fast tomorrow instead of monday, but then I know I would mess up because my mom is forcing me to go to our family friends aunts stupid more than one million dollar house. And no offence to their aunt...but I really don't feel like putting on this dress that I had to get yesterday just for a "fancy" cookout at a HOUSE on the WATER! I mean seriously...its ridiculous. I'll post a link to the dress if they have it on the website...hold on...

no, they dont have it.

But I am wearing this white wrap dress. But the material is really thin, like a cotton jersey material, but a bit stretchy. The dress is about 2 inches above my knee. I got it from american apparel at this shopping outlit near my house so it was like $25. And I am wearing red pumps. Who knew patriotism could look this good? LOL. The reason for the colors is because its a "fourth of july" cookout. Makes sense. So yeaah.

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