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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm not strong...enough

I'm not strong enough for this. This morning I weighed myself and I weigh 110. But really I can't take this anymore! I am starting this new thing today that will probably help me get through the day, because when I don't eat for that long, I get this feeling that I am going to puke, and the worlds spinning, and I get an unbeearable headache, and thats all because of Damn low blood sugar, and no that is not diabetes(diabetes is high blood sugar). So anyways my new plan is something that I did before and it worked a tiny bit slower, but it still worked: I am going to have a cup of specialK or raisin bran cereal and a cup of milk a day. So thats about 200 calories a day(hey its better than if I continued with the no eating and I probably would have had 1000 calories and 2 days and more going down the drain). So yeah, I will post on my results with these to see if it still works.

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