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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Red Beach

Ohk, today I went to the beach and I didn't eat anything and I swam all day so that burned major calories. Now, my body is tan...but my face and chest is burnt as hell! My face looks like I just ran for 2 hours without a break. Ugh! Well, and also when I came home I ate:

a bowl of honey bunches of oats
an english muffin w/peanut butter
and 2 nutrigrain bars!!!

Now I am so full and bloated and I just threw up about 3 times but Its still the english muffin and nutrigrain bars. I am so pissed. Well, I am going to try and throw up as many times as I can. And I will be starting a fast tomorrow. But I am not going to call it a fast. I am going to call it "loose as much weight as possible for 4 days". Because for the next 4 days I am pretty much going to be busy during meal times with friends so now to my mom I can say I had snacks their or I ate their or we ate at the mall. I cant wait because then I can not eat whatever I want. But its allways easy when I am out, its when I am at my house is when I get cravings. So even when I am not busy I will try to do something.

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