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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hey everyone, I wont be able to post for a week for reasons I will explain later on.
But please enjoy this is my absence.

When it was winter I wanted it to be summer! That was just so the rain would go away, but now I miss winter so much! I miss the cool air! I miss that borderline between fall and winter. When the leaves are done changing colors and some are starting to fall off. I love how crisp the air is! In it's own was that feels warm to me. I think their should be only one month of summer. They say that you shouldnt get too much of a good thing and I agree completley. Summer has overstayed its welcome. I just want to wear my favorite pair of jeansagain and feel the warmth of long sleeves and sweatshirts. I want to go skiing at bretton woods and when I blow bubbles with my gum on the chair lift, it freezes. I miss canadato, I loved it their, thatlittle village thatyou walked through on the way to Mount.Tremblante. How the pankcakes were bigger than my head! Of course, that was 4 years ago.Another thing about winter, myskinfeels like ice 24/7, but not to me, only to everyone else, and its fun to see people reactions if I give them a hug or a high five and they ask me why my skin is so cold and I just laugh and say, how come your so warm? I love going over my cousins house in the fall. Outside their are leaves everywhere because she owns 10 acres of woods and land. And I love walking around their for hours and then coming back inside, but not to their house, to her mini club house/lodge thats about that size of agood sized bedroom. I love how outside you can see the steam rising from theold fashioned fire place and inside it's so warm. I love watching the BMX bikers going for whatcould possibly be their last ride for the winter and howI freak out for a nano seccond everytime I hear the roars of their bikes because it cuts through the silence of nature. I love swinging on those swings that are connected to the trees and I have to cover my hands with my sleeves because the rope is frozen. I love the rough, rugged feel of everything. Imiss howone classroom can be a bit too warm and the other can be shockingly freezing that you have to dress in layers sometimes, but I put up with it. I miss wearing shorts to bed in the winter and how that actually makes a difference. I miss how when the snow falls, my house looks super white, and the dead plants and trees branches actually goes with the whole theme. I miss walking home from the bus after department night and just taking my time looking at the changes in the snow, and thinking about when it will be warm enough just to walk those 15 minutes to go say hi to my 5th and 6th grade teachers and they remark onhow grown up I look. I miss being able to wear light pink nail polish, andyou can actually see it because I am so pale that my summer tan doesntruin it. I miss the feel of jeans, a long sleeve shirt,and sneakers paired together. I miss everything about winter

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