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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have decided to go on a "healthy" diet.

Yeah so I don't want to eat specialK anymore, I mean yeah today I have eaten it but I am just so bored of cereal, and the churning feeling it leaves in my stomache after I eat any cereal with milk. So, I have decided to go on a "healthy" diet. But taking the healthy to an extreme. Starting this sunday, until next sunday(a week), I am only going to eat salads for lunch, and dinner(I sleep to late to eat breakfast).

So for lunch in dinner my salad can include the following:
any type of fruit
any type of vegetable

Thats it. No crutons(however you spell it) or dressing or crap like that...(2 tsp of ranch dressing contains 16g of fat!!!), not that I like ranch, I prefer italian or viniger, but still.

And on wednesday I can have desert, its this new 100 calorie pack microwave Kettlecorn. It barely has anything in it and it is less than 100 calories because I only put in in for 1 minute so only like 3/4 of it pops.

I will do this for a week and then weigh myself at the end of the week to see how much I weigh. If I loose 4 pounds or more, then this will be my diet for the next 4 weeks.

Monday: Multivitamin
Wednesday:Fish oil + multi vitamin
Thursday: Multivitamin
Friday: vitaminC + multivitamin
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: weigh self that morning

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