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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ohk, so I went back to the thinspo helping me, because I seemed to be really focused when I worshipped my thinspo book. So, I have that one to, but it got so thick that i couldnt staple anything more to it. So, I made another one. So, for the next week starting monday...I can carry those 2 books around the house with me(only looking at them when my mom is no where in site) like I did before. Also, I made a list of distractions. I am really prepared. Except, I need diet soda...I'll get that tomorrow on the way back from the cookout or something. And, next week I will probably hang out with merrisa like about 2 or 3 times. And when we hang out, I will make sure to bring gum with me and ice cold water! Also, I willmake sure not to go in her house because something allways comes up their when I eat something. So, when we hang out I'll ask her if she wants to take a walk, or bike ride. Fun. LOL(:

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