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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

holy crap! havent posted in forever!

well, i dont remember if i ever mentioned him in any of my blog entries but basically, their is this guy, and I used to talk to him all the time(but i don't know him), And I just like idk, I just like really really really like him. And he hasnt been on in like forever(like probablyh 3 or 4 months). And I have pretty much died, and I think about him uncontrollably(no i am not obsessed), i just cant control it. So yeah guess what, today he signed on! And like even though we didnt talk that much today i still cant help but feel something. So, I was thinking, he might be the strength to return my only eating like sugar free jello a day and not cheating and binging. Because these last 3 days have been horrible. I really feel like I gained everything back from the beggining even though I probably didn't. But ever since i started talking to him I have been not be able to eat because I am so happy! And this may sound cheesy, but my stomache is full...of warmth from talking to him! I just know that this is exactly what i need to get me back on track. And my friend is leaving my house(after 3 days, explains by constant eating, she eats all the time and i usually do when I am with her). So yeah, I will have 3 days to get me refreshed from all of this junk i've eaten. I am tricking this mom to buy me prune juice tomorrow(it tastes good to me), so I will probably take the next two days to poop a lot! ugh my ass will burn but oh well. That is punishment for caving into gabbys ways of eating. Yeah so...thats pretty much all for now because my computer is going to dye in 10 minutes

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