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Saturday, June 6, 2009

80 calorie lunch

So I am going to start bringing a lunch to school. But, It will barely be anything, but just enough so when I am getting close to that point of getting below 100, people cant spread shit about me being anorexic or whatever because I "eat". So here is what I will pack in a brown paper bag everyday...

- 2 stalks of celery broken in half(to look like 4 stalks) which is 20 calories
- 3 strawberries(pretty large) which is about 3 calories per strawberry so about 9 calories
- a quarter of a cucumber cut into very thin slices (again visual affect) about 10 calories
- 1 pretzel barrel stick broken up into 5 pieces about 40 calories
But of course since this is above 50 calories, on the days I am supposed to eat 50 calories, I just wont bring a lunch to school. But I am starting the thing tomorrow which is sunday, so I will bring the lunch to school for this week monday, tuesday, wedesday, and friday. But I can garuentee you that some people might look at me weirdly and I may get a few "omg your actually eating?" (because I dont bring or eat lunch "at school") or a few "omg, rach you actually brought a lunch?"

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