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Monday, June 29, 2009

Instead of weekly...

I cant wait to weigh myself monday! I am so anxious and it is only day 1 of my fast. I just wounder how much weight I will loose this week, because honestly, I have never completley fasted for this long before and I am curious.

Everyone is saying that after like the 3rd day, the fastig thing is really easy, well today is day one, and honestly, it isnt that hard, idk why. just isnt. But tomorow and wednesday will probably be really hard. But I am looking forward to after that to see if it is true that it gets easier. But anyways, tomorrow(tuesday) to get my mind off of food, I am going to be hanging out with my friend outside all day. And this is my friend merissa and I allways laugh a lot with her. More than my other friends i'm pretty sure. So yeah, tomorrow I will be running outside all day and laughing like crazy. lol. So I deffinatley think that will take my mind off of food, and we are hanging out at like 1 or 2. So then, if she eats something I can be like "no thanks, I am really full from lunch, it was huge(lol)". And if she asks what i had i can be like..."spagetti and bread".

So yeah. Everything works perfectly! And I will make sure to bring a pack of mint gum with me.

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