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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prune juice

So yeah, i got my mom to buy prune juice by saying I havent pooped in a while. lol. So i just drank like 1/3 of the container about 10 minutes ago and so far no affects yet. Well I am pretty sure I will though. I'm so not looking forward to this but oh well, at least i'll loose like a pound out of this probably. So I will also take it tomorrow when I get home from school, but nevermind I cant because tomorrow I am starting that thing and tomorrows day is 50 calories. So, I will drink it after school like...thursday when I get home from school. Because the prune juice has 180 calories per serving and thursday is the 300 calorie day. So yeah, tomorrow I wont be bringing that 80 calorie lunch to school, but i will tuesday, since its my 100 calorie day.

Oh, and my mom got this cereal that has bran in it, but its not bran flakes. So that has 140 calories in 1 cup, so i'll eat that eaither on my 200 calorie day this week or my 300 calorie one.

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