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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a quick post

I know I havent posted in forever because I have been grounded, But I am just going to do a quick post now.

Well, after trying on multiple outfits, I finally found one that brings out all my best assets. And it works perfectly because saturday is only supposed to be 72 degrees. Oh and recent update: my cousins birthday party is saturday and we are like really good friends, and since like all her friends are 7th rgaders since she's in 7th grade, Im going to be the oldest their. But yeah. So, I look best in long sleeves, and my legs look best in shorts, and my calves look the best in sneakers. So here is the outfit I have had planned out for saturday:

My navy long sleeve abercrombie shirt
My forever21 jean shorts with rips
My nike white sneakers
and my hair down and perfectly straightened.

And I kind of have to wear sneakers because wear she lives in massachusetts, her backyard is like 10 acres of woods. LOL. so yeah. Can't wait!!!!

oh and of course I have to remember to wear my "friends" part of the necklace me and her have, because I took it off like 3 days ago to go running and never put it back on...so yeah.

Oh and a plus on the 10 acres and 7th graders being so energized because I will probably end up being forced to eat a peice of cake on my 100 calorie day! I will really have to run to burn it off. Ugh! Thats the only bad thing about birthday partys.

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