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Sunday, June 21, 2009

End of the day report

so, for today:


cereal and milk: 410 calories
Soup: 160 calories
3 water bottles: 0 calories

Outtake: the soup(threw up)
peed a lot from the 3 water bottles
50 crunches.

This weekend has been pathetic. Tomorrow is going to be intense. Because tomorrow is the last day before I weigh myself. Which means my schedule for tomorrow(step by step)

Wake up
No breakfast\
Take a shower
Get ready for school
Go to school
Walk around hallways from class to class and have at least 1 bathroom break too also walk around
No lunch
Walk home from school
no snack
go running outside until whenever
No dinner
drink 2 water bottles(pee out liquid)
go on the computer or watch tv
Go too sleep
Then when I wake up in the morning I can weigh myself, post how much I weigh, and then continue with "the plan" until I am at my original goal weight of 95 pounds.

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