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Monday, June 15, 2009

A layout

Right now I am just going to post what everything together I want to happen for my weight.

Well, I have started at 116. The last time I weighed myself I weighed 109, I am currently on a plan and I will weigh myself june23rd.

So once I weigh myself, I am guessing that I will weigh about 100 pounds

So once I weigh 100 pounds, I want to loose another 5 pounds to get down to 95 pounds(now that was my original goal weight).

But then once I am 95 pounds, I will aim to loose another 5 pounds, so then I am 90 pounds.

And once I am 90 pounds, IF I will see how I look, and I can loose another 5 pounds if I want to, but that last 5 pounds honestly I thin doesnt matter, that will probably to be to get really thin like my goal look.

So my over all goal is 85 pounds.

So if when I weigh myself june 23rd, and I am 100 pounds, Then I will have over the period of about 2 months to loose 15 pounds(before I go back to school shopping). So If I wanted to loose 60 pounds over the period of 60 days, then I would have to loose .25 pounds a day, which is beyond possible. Its extremely possible. So yeah...

I am going to start off highschool weighing at least 93 though.
And maybe I should get some highlights over the summer that wash out within 28 washes or something. Something different to change my look. Oh and all of those new clothes also.

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