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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


wow. Well I went over merrissa's, and yeah things didnt go as planned. I didnt eat breakfast of lunch again, but I ended up staying for dinner and I was all excited because then I had an excuse not to eat because they were making stake, and I don't eat red meat. But then of course merrisa had to open her mouth and say that I don't eat red meat...so then they all made pasta and salad for me. ugh! So I guess I am going to end up extending it another day again. ugh! FUCK MY LIFE! And yeah like everyone says that now, but it was desperatley needed in that scentence! Jesus! Why the hell can't I ever get past dinner? I mean like wtf? Their is allways something their! ugh! Well, tomorrow when I go to the mall with merrisa, when we go to eat lunch at the mall, I will just get a diet coke. I'll say this line that allways seems to fool people, "Ugh, no, I'm not hungry...I'm just extremey thirsty!"

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