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Monday, June 15, 2009

Havent posted in forever!!!!

Holly shit! I havent posted in like forever! Sorry about that...well I am deffinatley not posting everything that happened the past like 5 days I havent posted. Well you know before I saaid i was a medium in hollister shirts? Well, yesterday(sunday) I went to hollister and bought some shirts in Small in all of them! My goal is still to be an XS their though. Well, today is june 15th, so I have about 8 more days left until I weigh myself. These days on that diet have been perfect, I didnt cheat at all, except for saturday night and sunday morning because I had a party/sleepover. So fun!!! And well i have been looking for someone to kind of go out with after me and my last boyfriend broke up, so of course like the last 6 days of school, I find this guy, whose name I didn't know, and he sys my name and we end up talking and semi flirting on the late bus ride home. I don't think anything will happen though, because their is only 6 more days left of school. He is kind of cute too, well I think he is. He has medium length hair(for a guy) and it is blonde, but he isnt that kind of guy, his eyes are brown, at least i think theyare. idk. lol. Well, he is like a skater/emo type. The bus ride home was so fun today(:

Well I wounder how much I will weigh? IDK, I will have to find out in 8 days. Ah! I'm so scared! What if I only end up weighing 100 pounds? Then I think that that would kind of have been a waste because I would have oly ended up loosing 8 pounds. But nvm, that is a lot in a 2 week period, ish, IDK. Well, what ever I weigh, I am pretty 99% sure it won't be 95 pounds or below.

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