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Friday, June 26, 2009


So, I weigh 108 right now, here are some rewards I can do once I reach certain goal weights.

105 pounds: get nails nails
100 pounds: Get a new pair of flip flops
95 pounds: Get those dark wash skinny jeans from abercrombie kids
90 pounds: new shirt
85 pounds: A brownie batter blizzard from DQ

Can't wait for the last one(:

ohk, so technically my original goal weight was 95 pounds. But if I am not happy with the results, then I can go up to my other goal weights. So, if I want to get to 95 pounds, I havve 2 months to loose 15 pounds, and if my goal weight is 85, then i have 2 months to loose 25 pounds.

But ive figured out that setting deadlines doesnt work. So, whatever amount of weight I loose in 2 months, that shoujld be that amount. Like this summer is going to be kind of intense in the non eating wise. So, I am going to plan out diets for this upcoming month: JULY. No exceptions unless i CHANGe them to better ideas.

July week one: celery and gum only fast
July weeks two: mints and an apple a day
July week three: a pickle a day
Weigh self afterand then decide what I am going to eat for the fourth week.

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