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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, monday I am going to the mall and I am only going to bring $50

I saw this shirt at abercrombie and fitch, and its like $60, but I saw the same shirt at abercrombie kids for $40, so i'll just go to abercrombie kids and get it.


A red plaid abercrombie shirt: $39.50
Sephora flashy eyeliner in deep black: $8

Total for my shopping trip that day: $47.50

it's just a small trip because I am not actually going to buy clothes until like 2 weeks before school starts so I'll have tons of money to go and buy lots of stuff. But, when I get that abercrombie shirt,idk what size to get it in, because in abercrombie kids, I am usually a XL, and idk if I should get a L so when i loose weight...yeah. idk. Because my boobs are 32B, thats pretty much the only reason I get an XL in kids. So idk if my boobs r going to shrink or not. ugh. idk. i'll decide when i get their. Oh and btw, its not XL and L in juniors, its in kids. lol



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